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Foshan Longfa Logistics
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Foshan "Longfa Logistics" Co., Ltd. is a franchised highway logistics company approved by the Transportation Management Bureau. It always adheres to the purpose of standardized management and humanized service, and performs its commitments with integrity, pragmatism and prudent operation. And with the "quality, safety, high efficiency" service concept, the company was quickly recognized by people in all sectors of society, and has now become a company with more than 1 to 40 tons and 3.8 meters, 4.2 meters, 5.2 meters, 6.2 meters, 6.8 meters , 7.2 meters, 8.6 meters, 9.6 meters, 12.5 meters, 17.5 meters, and other large high-height vehicles, flatbeds, box cars, special transportation and other vehicles. Satisfy all the transportation plans of all companies, and load and dispatch in the shortest possible time, so that no pressure on orders, no leakage of orders, no retention of orders, and 100% guarantee of transport service quality. Land transportation ---- Our company provides safe, fast, high-quality, efficient and comprehensive logistics services 24 hours a day. The company has many types of transportation vehicles, and has established extensive transportation alliances with other transportation companies, which can provide customers with Provide a full range of transportation services, covering chemical, daily necessities, machinery, electrical equipment, furniture, home appliances, building materials, food and many other industries. To undertake the transportation of bulk cargoes, complete vehicles and less-than-truckload cargoes in Foshan, Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta. The transportation area covers all the large, medium and small cities in eastern Guangdong, forming a relatively complete logistics network. Second, customers need to know: 1. Our company complies with laws and regulations, and strictly implements national road transport guidelines. ... [ View Details ]
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Foshan Longfa Logistics Tel: 075728109971 Contact: Mr. Xiao Address: Warehouse 15, Area A, Furao Logistics Park, Lecong Town, Shunde District, Foshan
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